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Services and Events

We offer a range of services that centre on women of African and Caribbean descent mental health and emotional wellbeing such as group sessions, workshops and support groups.

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Sessions and Workshops

Our sessions and workshops cover a range of topics about black womanhood and mental health.

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Counselling sponsorship

We want to help more black women receive mental health support through private counselling. Counselling can be inaccessible for black women due to the costs, long NHS waiting lists and not being referred by their doctors. We want to remove these barriers by directly supporting black women and covering the costs of counselling.

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Use our free online resources to help with anxiety, self-esteem and confidence.


Listen to our TMAF podcast to hear our chief executive officer and special guests talk about various topics.

Work With Us

We are always looking for organisations, community groups, brands, businesses, and individuals to partner with. Want to work with us? Get in touch below

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