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Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation

Started in April 2020, Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation is dedicated to supporting women of African and Caribbean descent in their mental health and wellbeing journeys.

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Our Story

The Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation is dedicated to Our founder's grandmother, who emigrated to the UK from Jamaica to provide a better life for seven children. Many of the stories about her grandmother confirmed she lived a life of undiagnosed mental health problems exacerbated by emigrating to the UK during the Windrush era. 

The story and experiences of her grandmother have shaped her doctoral research, which aims to investigate how immigration to the UK in the Windrush era has created a generational effect of racial melancholia, mourning and mimicry and the effects that it has on the psyche of the mothers and daughters of Windrush.

She began her journey by researching the mental health of three generations of black Caribbean females in the UK. She realised how underrepresented black females are in the mental health sector, both as professionals and patients. Many of the gendered and racialized issues that affect black women's mental health in the UK have been pushed into the shadow because of stereotypes, stigmatization, and misogynoir. 

Inspired, She created this foundation to combat all the prejudices and discrimination that black women face trying to practice and access mental health services in the UK.

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